Online entries close at 4pm on the day before each MyRyde. Enter on the day from 7:30am at the race venue.
The U10 race is 20 minutes & parents can ride/run along. The Junior/Novice race is 30 minutes. The Social race is 40 minutes. The Racing race is 50 minutes. Steeple CX Womens races are 50 minutes Steeple CX Mens races are 60 minutes. Each race runs for a minimum of the stated time plus one possible additional lap to ensure that all ryders complete at least the minimum race time.
Any mountain bike is allowed, as are gravel or cyclo-cross bikes. BMX and road bikes are not permitted. In U10 any bike is allowed provided it has lever brakes on both wheels
The cyclo-cross you see on TV is elite, professional racing and not what MyRyde is about. We have kept the course principles and the fixed race times, but the race options allow for complete beginners to get ryding and have fun. You go at your pace and effort level.
U10, Junior & Novice races are R60. Social and Racing races are R100. Steeple CX races are R150 for all ryders
C2R is an initiative supported by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation, fun, and possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes. Through this initiative, we introduce young learners (and their parents) to their first cycling classes and provide families with the opportunity to spend time together to connect with each other, creation, and Christ within. Parents and learners don’t necessarily need any cycling experience or career aspirations to join Cycle2Ride – it’s all about having fun and moms even get free memberships!.
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