Online entries close at 4pm on the day before each MyRyde. Enter on the day from 7:30am at the race venue.
MyRyde re-imagines the heritage of cyclo-cross into Fun-o-Cross.
Keeping to the lap format with varying terrains and some other fun challenges along the course, ryders from age 8 and across all ability levels are able to join in and have the most fun possible on a bike.

It's all about making cycling more accessible, growing the love of ryding and including the whole family. MyRyde are family competitive fun events.

Races take the form of laps over a course of about 2 to 3 Km. Courses include various terrains from tar, to gravel roads, grass, sand and anything else you can imagine.

Depending on the age and level, courses often include short climbs and even stairs, where dismounting comes into play. Sections might be off-camber and mud can add a whole new dimension. The idea is variation and the opportunity to build skills, change effort levels and ensure fun, fun and more fun.

The U10 race on a simple track over 20 minutes ensures family inclusion, while Novices and those 10 years and older take to the full track for a 30 minute spin in the Novice/Junior race. For those over 14 years old, the 40 minute Social race is about enjoyment and fun competition. Chasing and racing is the order of the day for 50 minutes in the Racing event , so don’t step in here unless you have a decent level of fitness and endurance.

Set time periods for races, allow riders to measure their efforts and complete as many laps as they can, in the allotted time.

Irrespective of the event, winning is defined by you , whether it is doing the most laps, crossing the line ahead of mates or finishing more laps than you have ever done before, it’s a personal journey Most ryders favour their mountain bikes and all formats of these wondrous machines are welcome in all races. CX or gravel bikes are effective weapons of choice for more competitive ryders in the longer races,wanting to test their skill levels and see how high heart rates can actually go.

Steeple CX is our purist cyclo-cross race. These only happen in autumn and winter, and are the preserve of the racing fraternity to do what they love best . . . go hard and fast and provide us all with a show of bike handling skills, fitness, endurance and competing for the win.'

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