Online entries close at 4pm on the day before each MyRyde. Enter on the day from 7:30am at the race venue.
The following rules apply to all MyRyde race formats. Ryders are expected to have read and understood these before taking part.

• Race numbers will be supplied in your Registration Packs. Race numbers must be attached to the front of your bike. Numbers must be visible at all times during racing.

• No helmet no ride. Helmets must be in good condition, securely fastened and remain on the ryder’s head at all times while on the course or riding during events

• Bikes and helmets being in good and safe working order is the responsibility of riders. Race officials reserve the right to reject any bike or helmet deemed to be potentially unsafe. If a bike or helmet is rejected, the rider will be required to correct the problem before participating in the race.

• Shoes must be worn by riders for the entire event.

• No MP3 players or cell phones are permitted on the course. Riders will be disqualified if caught using one with or without earphones.

• Ryders self-seed in the start area. Talk to those around you to ensure you are appropriately located in the start area to minimise risks of faster ryders moving forward when the start gun goes.

• Ryders are expected to heed directions and instructions of all race officials and marshals at all times.

• Ryders may walk with their bike, if necessary, but may not make progress on the course without their bike.

• Littering is not permitted on the course. Ryders purposefully littering will be disqualified.

• All ryders must be 8 years or older on 1 January of the year in which a race occurs to be eligible for participation.

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